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5 money wasters you can avoid

Wondering why there’s too much month left at the end of your paycheck? Watch out for these five money wasters that fritter away at your budget. Tuck that money into your 401k instead, and watch your wealth grow.

1. Coffee

Spending $4 a day on your latte, with approximately 260 workdays in a year, adds up to $1040 annually. Brew your own at home and carry it with you in a travel mug instead.

2. Manicures

The average manicure costs about $20. One a week comes to another $1040 annually. Invest in a manicure kit and quality nail polish, and do your nails at home instead.

3. Bottled water

Spending a dollar a day on bottled water adds up to $365 a year, and is murder on the environment. Use a filter on your tap at home instead.

4. Cigarettes

At a national average of $4.64 per pack, pack-a-day smokers spend about $1694 annually on their dirty little habit. Quit now and save your cash — and your health.

5. Lunching out

Weekday lunches at $9 each will cost you about $2350 a year. Pack a lunch instead. Cut these things out of your daily expenses and save $6489 a year!

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