Top 25 email hoaxes clogging up your inbox

We all have that friend, the alarmist who sends email messages of rapists coaxing victims out of their homes with the sound of a crying baby on the front porch, hypodermic needles hidden in the change return slot of pay phones, a water parachutist being eaten by a shark jumping out of the water, and her mother’s cousin’s best friend’s nephew who is missing and/or has cancer and the only thing that will cure him/bring him home is if the email is forwarded to everyone you know.

by Caroline Gutierrez 

And without thinking, you forward it to everyone you know. Thanks a lot, guys. Now we have to slog through all this stuff. Before you send it on, take a look at’s list of the top 25 web hoaxes — and check too. If it’s listed there, don’t send it! Some highlights: the famous Nigerian 419 scams, the giant cat, missing kidneys and Microsoft buying everything and giving away free stuff to readers.


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