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Concept cars: The ride of the future

Auto show season has kicked off and the L.A. crowds were wowed by everyone’s favorite part of the event — the concept cars. These cars of the future give us a glimpse of what we could be driving 5 years from now, or what our grandkids could be driving (flying?) around in.

Seven concept cars presented caught the eyes of the public. The Honda Step Box is an urbanized version of today’s minivan with a highly adaptable interior. Acura’s Advanced Sedan Concept takes its design cues from movies like Dick Tracy and Batman — sleek yet Gothic. Volkswagen’s Concept Tiguan, a crossover (car/SUV combo) is set to hit the market at the end of 2007. Honda’s REMIX is an angular sports coupe. Hyundai’s HDC10 Hellion was inspired by a backpack, but pictures seem more reminiscent of a sneaker. Mazda’s Nagare is a hydrogen-fueled, sleek dune-crawler. Ford’s Concept Mustang, designed by Giugiaro SPA, looks like the resulting love child of a regular old American Mustang seduced by a sexy Italian after one too many glasses of Merlot on a Roman holiday. The annual auto show circuit hits most major cities in the US — check your local newspapers for schedules.

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