Nintendo Wii would like to play

Just in time for holiday gift-giving gluttony, Nintendo’s Wii game pack — at the very least — wins the race for the best commercials.

Featuring two shade-wearing Japanese men presenting the console to different households, the ads show how regular peeps can have tons of fun using the new virtual features of the Wii. (For those who live in caves, it’s pronounced “wee.” Or, if you’re French, “oui.”)

Players can use the remote control to bowl, run, fish, sword fight, and make lots of other actions simply by performing the actual body movements with the controller in their hands.

Nintendo is locked in a fierce three-way battle with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 for the king of all gaming media award, as measured by holiday sales figures.

The Wii has been selling out in stores around the world, even though Nintendo has shipped 600,000 to the US alone.

Posted in December 2007


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