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Make a wedding scrapbook

Love, tender emotions, family togetherness and fun — every wedding photograph has a story to tell. Today, many brides and brides-to-be are choosing to create personalized wedding photo albums that capture lifetime memories and reflect their celebration in a unique and meaningful way. Here are some ideas for making your own wedding scrapbook!


Scrapbook your wedding memories

A wedding presents a wonderful opportunity to preserve special photographs and journal memories that describe important events for future generations. With the right tools, a bride can preserve her memories with personalized wedding album that’s as unique as the memories it holds. Scrapbook photo albums can range from very simple to very extravagant or anything in between — there is no right or wrong way to make a scrapbook photo album.

First, start by assembling the items you’d like to include in your album. The quantity of photos and memorabilia you have will determine the number of albums you will want to create. Some people prefer to have all their wedding related items in one album. Others find it easier to divide certain topics and events.

Wedding album types

Some ways brides and brides-to-be are choosing to make albums include:

  • a pre-wedding or engagement album
  • a guest book album
  • albums as wedding gifts
  • a honeymoon album
  • a family tree album

Wedding invites

Regardless of which type of album you decide to assemble, make sure you collect all of your materials in an acid-free, photo safe storage box. This will prevent your photographs and other memorabilia from damaged often caused by exposure to dust or light.

Most albums have a theme. Following are examples of many of the most popular albums today’s brides are creating.

At the wedding

To add that special personal touch to something as old and traditional as the guest book, many brides are choosing to create a guest book that includes photographs of their special guests on each page. To personalize your own guest book, find a photograph of you and each guest invited to the wedding.

Simply place the photograph on a page and invite guests to write a special memory they share with you. This unique touch turns a plain guest book into a thoughtful backdrop for attendees to share their wishes and memories with the couple, personalized with a photograph.

For the wedding party

Brides often have a difficult time selecting the perfect gift for members of their wedding party. Rather than buying something impersonal, or a trinket that will never be used again after the wedding, make a personalized memory album for each bridesmaid. This heirloom will celebrate your relationship and remind your bridesmaid of the special times you’ve shared.

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By using just a few photographs and written memories, brides can assemble beautiful and meaningful keepsakes that the wedding party will treasure, each designed from the heart.

After the wedding

With the wedding behind you, creating a family photo album is a great way to showcase your growing family tree and continue an important tradition — scrapbooking.

Creating a family tree provides future generations with valuable information about their family heritage. Brides can merge their lineage with their husband’s and create an album that will showcase a new and growing family. Best of all, a family album is something that can be enjoyed for generations to come!


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