Makeup tips for when it’s hot and humid

Time and again, purses left in automobiles result in molten lipsticks, smeary eye shadow and super-sticky mascara. Makeup applied to your face doesn’t fare much better, with smudgy eye makeup and smeary foundation rubbing off every which way.

Hot weather makeup tips

Looking your best becomes a bit trickier when the warmer weather teases your tresses and melts your makeup more quickly than you can bat a gorgeous eye. A fully made-up mug may not be conducive to looking fresh and fabulous on a hot, sticky day, but a few heatproof makeup tricks and tips could really help you save face — literally!

Lip smackin’ fun, refreshing spray and sun protection

For a cool, tasty treat, keep a stick or two of your favorite lip balm in the refrigerator. Fruity favorites become even more refreshing when chilled — and won’t smear all over your lips when you rub it on. As a bonus to the cool sensation, many brands of lip gloss, lip balm and other treatments for your pucker now offer products with SPF 15 to prevent burned lips. Keep an eye out for these sweet treats, as few things taste (or feel) worse than burnt lips! Storing your eye and lip pencils in the fridge is another great idea in the summertime. They will still be easy to apply, but won’t smear as easily.

While adding items to your refrigerator, consider placing an invigorating body spray in the fridge to chill for a super-uplifting pick-me-up during the day’s hottest hours. To protect your skin from the sun, keep an eye out for special facial and body lotions that contain sunscreen along with your favorite beauty ingredients for soft skin, a greaseless feel and a nice fragrance.

Protect your makeup, your face, and your vehicle

First and foremost, putting makeup on while driving is a very bad idea. Full attention should be focused on the road — not to mention the vision problems that may occur if you jab your eye with makeup at the wrong moment! (However, we know it does become tempting to steal away a few seconds when stuck at a red light.)

If you lug your makeup along with you in the car on your way to work, to the store, on family outings or otherwise, be sure not to leave it locked inside your vehicle on a warm or sunny day. It doesn’t take much to melt a tube of lipstick or cream foundation, making a mess all over your makeup bag, purse and your precious car… not to mentioning rendering the product useless.

If you are headed to a day at the beach or the pool, leave your makeup bag at home. Carry just a tinted moisturizer and lip balm in your beach tote and forget about the rest!
To defeat the frizzies, here are some tips:

Also, if swimming or exhaustive physical activity awaits on the agenda, waterproof makeup may be in order. Mascara runs quite easily when exposed to water and sometimes even to mere perspiration. A waterproof or sweatproof product allows you to keep your attractive look while remaining as active as you want to be.

Don’t you hate it when your eye shadow creases in the heat? Stop the problem before it starts by using an eye shadow primer underneath. Apply primer over your entire lid before adding shadow for color that lasts all day long.

Pressed powder may make a better substitute for cakey liquid foundation on warmer days, leaving skin feel soft, fresh and clean. If you require foundation every day, rain or shine, consider applying a thinner layer and dusting a bit of powder on top to prevent smudging, smearing and running of the makeup.

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Taming your hair

Allowing hair to dry naturally protects it from heat damage, but blow-drying on occasion can aid in straightening efforts and controllability. Special shampoos and hair care products provide relief for intense exposure to the sun and chlorinated water. Sometimes summer days and humid nights cause bad hair days despite your efforts, so keeping a hat or visor on hand may be a great solution. No matter where you go, keep a ponytail holder handy in case you need to put your hair up.

  • Get your hair cut regularly. Split ends make your hair look even more frizzy.
  • After you shampoo, rinse with cold water — as cold as you can stand it — to help the cuticle layers of your hair lay flat.
  • Apply an ice cube to your tresses to tame frizzy hair.
  • Rinse your hair immediately after returning from the pool or beach. Chlorine and salt water can add to dryness and frizzies.
  • For a new look, braid your hair while it is still wet for a sleek, bold look. Add a little pomade to keep it in place.
  • If you want to wear your hair straight, consider applying some spray gel or anti-frizz gel.
  • When all else fails, tie your hair up in a trusty ponytail or add a cute summer straw hat.

Pretty tootsies in strappy sandals

For a fresh, fun look with cool intentions, paint your toes to match your fingernails and show them off with the strappiest, sexiest sandals you own. Or, opt for a casual and comfortable look with a cozy pair of flip-flops or thong sandals. Perform a home pedicure and flaunt your fabulous feet at work and at play.

Wearing open shoes will keep your feet aerated, preventing sweating and helping to keep your body cooler. Painting your nails outside instead of cooped up in the bathroom gives a nice scenic setting and better ventilation for the strong nail polish fumes. Your nails may even set more quickly if allowed to dry outside in the warm fresh air.

While all these beauty tricks and tips may make your beautification process easier, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to go a few days without any makeup or hair products at all. Discover your own natural beauty by letting loose, relenting on routine behaviors and enjoying the chance to just be your sunny self.

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