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5 Ways to pamper your pregnant self

If you are in the last weeks of pregnancy, you might be rushing around trying to get everything ready, without taking too much time out for yourself. The truth is that now is the time to prioritize pampering yourself before the baby arrives. Here are some suggestions to indulge yourself (because it might be a while before you get to do this again!).

pregant woman meditating

nail polishSchedule beauty treatments from head to toe

Take a day off of work or clear your schedule on a Saturday and make it a day of beauty. First, start at the spa for a glow-inducing facial, followed by a manicure and pedicure. Your last stop should be a blowout at a salon to get supermodel-worthy hair.

All day shopping anyone?

Enjoy your “free time” and head to the mall with your friends for a day of window (or real!) shopping. See what styles are in for shoes, handbags, jewelry, clothes and anything that is not baby-related! Stop by the makeup department and try new shades of gloss and even get your makeup done at one of the counters. If you end up hungry, treat yourself to a girls’ lunch and make it a gab fest! The point is to take your time, not rush, and truly enjoy the experience.

Gossip magazine binge

Go to a local magazine stand and buy all of the celebrity gossip and beauty/fashion magazines you can find. Then, head to the couch or your bed with a cup of tea and indulge in a day of guilty pleasures!

Say OM

Find a prenatal yoga class you love for some stretching and relaxing. Your mind, body (and baby inside!) will love it. You can also take leisurely strolls and practice some deep breathing to calm your mind and enjoy the moment.

wedge heelsPretty clothes and lingerie

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t wear fabulous dresses or sexy lingerie! Start by finding pretty, feminine maternity bras and panties (instead of the industrial strength ones!). Top that with chic, fashion-forward outfits — have at least two choices in your maternity wardrobe. Try a glitzy top with black pants or a runway-inspired maternity dress. Put on the highest heels you feel comfortable in without the risk of falling, or if you wear flats, make sure they have some pizzazz to them, like rhinestone embellishments or leopard!

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