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Making the vacation a great experience for your child

In your eagerness to give your kids the best vacation ever, you may accidentally overdo it. For example, kids tire more easily than adults, need more potty breaks and need healthy food. What an adult can do on a vacation or in a day isn’t necessarily what a child can do. Jennifer Dugan offers tips on planning a kid-friendly vacation.

Plan on your trip by the ages of your children.
Don’t expect the children to be on the go non-stop. If you plan a big trip like to Disney World, give yourself at least one day to relax at the pool and take it easy. A common mistake parents make is to overload their children. What an adult can do on a vacation or in a day, isn’t necessarily what a child can do. Have you ever been somewhere and saw a child in tears because it is just too much for the child to handle? That can not be much of a vacation for the child or the parent.

Big theme parks can be scary and overwhelming also. Children may not like the crowds and all the action. For parents going to somewhere like Disneyland or Disney World, it is a good idea to do things on a child’s pace. Go do a few rides then either go sit down and eat lunch or see a show.

Remember that your child needs time to relax.
Try to plan when you will see each thing that is important to see, but remember chances are there will be exceptions. If you spend the morning at an attraction, you can always go back to your hotel room and let the child relax or swim in the pool and then go back later in the evening to see other things the park has to offer.

It might sound wonderful to take your three year old to Disneyland but remember that he or she is three years old. He or she might not be able to keep up with what you want to get done in a day. This is especially true if you are going at the time of year where it is hot. This wears out your children even more. Try to get the child breaks from the heat and remember there are going to be lines. Children are inpatient. If there is a way you can go at the off season, you will experience less lines. Bring water and other snacks with you. Remember a hat and sunscreen.

Go with your child’s ideas.
Ask them what they would like to do. Let them have input on things to make things go smoother. Make sure the hotel you stay in is child-friendly with a children’s pool and activities. Cruises also offer a wide range of activities for children. Many all inclusive resorts do too.

Companies are realizing that most people only get one or two vacations a year and most of the time have their children with them. They want mom and dad to come and feel like they still are on vacation even though they have their children. Many resorts are offering adjoining rooms for the children so mom and dad get some privacy. Families are an important part of the travel industry. You can have a great time as a family and your children will remember it for the rest of their lives.

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