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Diaper bags – Choosing and carrying

Choosing the right diaper bag to meet your needs is a big deal for most new moms. See what some of the members of our communities had to say about diaper bags and how long they tote them around.

Question: Do you still use a diaper bag? – Kenzie

I use one when we go out of town or when I know I will be out running errands througout the day. I mostly leave it in the car. – Melissa

I leave the diaper bag in the car. I always have one diaper and wipes in my purse. A diaper bag has been a pain in my butt for so long. I guess since I breastfed I really didn’t find it necessary
since I had a lot less to tote around. – Nancy

I still use mine everytime I go out. I have one that I really love so it’s not a burden to lug it around! I already have a few and one I really love. I get compliments on it all the time. The one I
want to get is a lot like it but more of a shoulder bag. I think I’ll go ahead and order it online. LOL – Sondra

I bring it along and maybe leave it in the car. We use a Eagle Creek backpack style one. I love it. I will probably keep using it with the new baby. It fits alot and does not look “babyish” which I
can’t stand. – Marianne

Nope don’t use one and I have five! I leave diapers and wipes in the car because my mom and the daycare have diapers. I only have used one if we are going to be gone all day like to an amusement
park or zoo. – Machelle

I have several diaper bags. I bought my most recent one in May – splurged and bought myself a Petunia Picklebottom bag with birthday money. I still use them every time I’m out with Matthew. I’ve
even looked at others recently but I think John would kill me if I picked up yet another bag. – Jenn

I still use one every time I go out. It seems like if I don’t have one, I need it and am running out to the car. We have a small bag from Lands End and I love it. You can also get your child’s name
embroidered on it. It’s a bag that they can use when they get older also, so even if you don’t use a “diaper” bag for much longer, you’ll still get use out of it. – Ann

Question: What kind of diaper bag do you have? – Elizabeth

I have the Canadian Olympic messenger bag from Roots as a diaper bag. I love it, it has front pockets that I put two diapers for each child in so I don’t have to rummage around in the big part. It
has a lot of little pockets, a place for my bank card, a big back pocket (perfect for a colouring book and crayons), and lots of room in the middle for toys and books and extra clothing. – Jodi

I have a Vera Bradley Carry-all bag and I love it! I have the matching purse and I carry both bags. When I just had my son I carried a large Coach Market Tote, but now with two kids I need more
room. I bought the Coach Diaper Bag but it was way too heavy since it was all leather. So that is why I love the Vera Bradley bag; it is made of cloth and can even be thrown in the washer. I highly
recommend the Vera Bradley Carry-all! She also makes a Baby Bag, but it is a little bigger and I would carry that if I didn’t already have a purse. She has some awesome fabrics to choose from,
right now I’m carrying green apple. – M&A’sMom

I have a Kate Spade medium sized diaper bag. It is fine and I like it, but I think I’d like something with a few more pockets. I also want one with a longer strap that can be put over the stroller
handles. – Nathalie

For my previous pregnancies I had this massive “tote” of a diaper bag that was just way too big to be practical. This time around I bought a backpack diaper bag from Baby Innovations and although I
haven’t had to use it yet (soon though, soon!) I am already in love with it. I wanted something that was small, a backpack, and was functional and I think this one will really work out for me! –

I have several diaper bags, but no real favorite. I registered for one & got it at my shower. Thought it would be awesome and I’d use it a lot. Once I started using it, I decided that it was
too big and awkward. I used it less than a week, then switched to the freebie small formula-sponsered bag from the hospital. I used that for a few months.

Then I bought a tote bag to try (a little bigger, but not too big.) Ended up not liking it either. My mom gave me the freebie bag from her hospital and that’s what I ended up using the longest.
It’s a plain black bag, so my husband doesn’t mind carrying it. I just keep it full of diapers, wipes, booty cream, a lap pad & a change of clothes & leave it in the car. – Sunflower

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