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Take a bite of an endangered species


Indulge in a little treat and help endangered species. Read on to find out more.

What, doesn’t sound appetizing? Well, it’s chocolate. In an ark full (nineteen) of primally appealing kinds. In premium snack land, Endangered Species Chocolate bars are king of the jungle.

Each bar is three-ounces and range in color like stripes of a zebra… from Extremely Dark (88 percent cocoa content), creamy milk, and luscious white chocolate bars. Some are unadulterated and others are combined with nuts, candy buts and fruits. The delicate Polar Bear bar combines 39 percent cocoa white chocolate with macadamia nuts. Sheknows enjoys the Rhino –dark chocolate with hazelnut toffee — and the Tiger — dark chocolate and zippy espresso beans. Each all-natural bar is enrobed in a gold wrapper and then a recycled paper wrapper printed with vegetable ink. For each bar your buy, ten percent of the net profits are donated to groups who support endangered species, habitat and humanity. And on the inside of the wrapper, not only is there are 25-cents off coupon, there’s also information on green products, and a few paragraphs sharing information on the animal featured on bar. Think of it as a way to have your cake and eat it too. Enjoy a bite and help the world visit: Endangered Species Chocolate

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