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How to prosper from being laid off

If you are one of the many people who has experienced the pain of being laid off or being downsized, there is a lot you can do to turn this unpleasant and scary situation into a very positive and prosperous event.

Woman laid off from job

How to prosper from being laid off

1First, you want to realize and accept that you are not a failure or loser because you were laid off

You were not discharged because you were unworthy, or a bad person, or a bad employee. Do not blame or get down on yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. You are truly a very special and unique human being. Enjoy who you are.

2Instead, the real truth is that the company failed you

The company could not conduct its business profitably enough to benefit from your efforts and productivity. If you need to cast blame as part of your healing process, direct it toward the highly-paid executives of the company, who caused the company to downsize.

Just look at how many executives at Enron, World Com, Tyco, Adelphia and others drove their companies to disaster. Mergers, corporate acquisitions, hostile takeovers and bankruptcies that were all generated by others also put millions of very valuable employees on the streets.

3There was virtually nothing you could have done to prevent being laid off

You never really had job security within the bureaucratic corporation. Your position within the corporation was totally dependent on the decisions, whims and political motivation of others.

Unfortunately, you had extremely little, if any control over keeping your position. Give yourself a break and accept that it happened, and move on.

4Take advantage of all severance monies available

Most companies offer some form of severance, but sometimes the severance packages may not be fully disclosed. Be sure to actively pursue any possible severance monies that may be available. You might as well get all you can to help tide you over during your transition.

5You are better off than the remaining employees

The employees who remained at the company are undoubtedly experiencing increased stress and more difficult working conditions.

They will have to do more work without receiving additional compensation. The camaraderie and good times you remember have been replaced with tension and anguish. You are no longer subject to these difficult conditions and are free to pursue a far more prosperous and enjoyable income position.

6You still have considerable skills, knowledge and special talents

They cannot take any of these away from you. Your work efforts will continue to provide considerable value to others. Your skills, talents, experience, knowledge, work ethic, integrity and ability to generate results are extremely transferable to thousands of other very worthwhile income producing positions.

You will want to find the right environments to exercise your talents and skills to the valuable benefit of others. The more valuable you become to others, the more rewards you will receive.

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