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Maui on a budget

Maui - Makena Beach

Saving money on daily expenses

Once the flight, car, and lodging are covered, the remaining costs are for normal daily activities and entertainment. For simplicity, we group our general and entertainment expenses.

For a family of four, we plan $100 per day to cover the general expenses. It runs about $25 per person, although the first person runs more, and additional travelers less. If you are staying in a hotel, this number will be significantly higher as you will have to eat out for all meals.

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Conservative living could reduce the daily expense further, but keep in mind, you are on vacation! The last thing you want is to travel to Maui only to sit in a room to save money. We enjoy our vacations by balancing a few touristy events with days on the beach, by the pool, or snorkeling. We planned one extended vacation based on a reduced $75 per day, but found at the end of the trip we blew our budget and still came in at $100 per day — money well spent.

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    Why budget-wise

    Maui on a Budget means getting the most vacation for your money. By planning your vacation spending in advance, you can be sure to enjoy the most within your travel budget. Knowing your options when booking flights, cars and lodging, can free significant amounts of money to enjoy on other vacation activities. For us, Maui on a Budget means spending wisely and staying longer.



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    Article by Marc Elpel and Mr Elpel has been an avid activity-based traveler for years. Motto – “Travel is for doing, not just seeing.” All photos by Nancy J Price.

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