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The Makers of This TikTok-Viral Cat Water Fountain Just Dropped a New Model With a Tech Feature to Make Pet Parents’ Lives Easier

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Cats are known for their finicky natures, and one thing they can be especially high maintenance about is their water bowl. Many furry felines turn up their nose at less-than-fresh and crystal-clear water — and a lot of them actually love to drink water from a tap! That latter’s not exactly convenient for their human parents, and even keeping a cat’s dish pristinely clean enough can be a challenge. Not having water that is appealing for your cat to drink, however, can be a danger to their health. That’s why PETLIBRO has a line of cat water fountains, and their newest product offers app monitoring so you can know your kitty is getting the hydration they need.

Like the battery-operated and wireless pump cat water fountains in PETLIBRO‘s Dockstream series that have gone viral on TikTok, the brand’s Dockstream App Monitoring Water Fountain silently offers filtered, flowing water for your cat. But this new smart water fountain is WiFi-enabled to connect with the PawSense Health Monitoring System to track your cat’s water intake. Cats need 4 oz. of water per 5 lb. of body weight each day, including water from food, and the app helps you calculate how much your feline friend needs and monitor if they are achieving their goal. By better understanding your cat’s drinking habits, you’ll be empowered to assess their health and react promptly in case of any issues, such as lower urinary tract and chronic kidney problems.

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The PETLIBRO app provides real-time updates on your pet’s water status, and its clear visual reports help you better understand their drinking habits anytime, anywhere. You can monitor your pet’s daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly water intake volume, frequency, and duration, and intelligently track their water consumption data to notice any changes. With this App Monitoring Fountain, you’ll get to find out just how much water your fur baby laps up, as well as if they more of a day drinker or a nocturnal sipper. Have you ever wondered if they prefer frequent small sips or long slurps at a stretch? All your questions will be answered!

Its 2.5-liter capacity guarantees nearly two weeks of water drinking for a single cat, all run through four layers of the vertical filtration system into the stainless steel water tray. This cat water fountain with wifi also offer dual water modes, so you can easily switch between Continuous and Interval water modes with the PETLIBRO app to find your pet’s preference.

PETLIBRO Dockstream App Monitoring Water Fountain

PETLIBRO Dockstream App Monitoring Water Fountain
PETLIBRO Dockstream App Monitoring Water Fountain $79.99

When you’re out of the house, whether just for a long day at work or away overnight on a business trip, you might be worried about whether your cat has enough water. The PETLIBRO app monitoring water fountain provides timely reminders when the water level is getting low, so you know when to call the pet sitter for a visit. Plus, automatic countdown timers and alarms ensure you never miss a filter replacement or product cleaning. The wireless water pump is easier to detach than a wired one, so cleaning the pump and tank and refilling the fountain with water is easy.

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PETLIBRO’s mission is to redefine pet parenting, giving pets a healthy life and great care, while at the same time relieving pet-care pressure on humans. This new water fountain with wifi and monitoring app lets you find out so much more information about your cats’ health and hydration to ensure their well-being with ease.

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