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These $3 Slow Cooker Liners From Amazon Have Over 50,000 Perfect Reviews & You’ll Never Have to Scrub a Pot Again

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Looking for an easy way to reduce your kitchen clean-up time and effort when making your favorite soups and stews? Slow cooker liner bags might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. They’ve become a popular addition to many kitchens, providing a convenient and efficient solution to the tedious task of cleaning up after slow-cooking meals. And this super useful everyday essential at Amazon is only $3!

Grab these Reynolds slow cooker liner bags to use your slow cooker without having to deal with stubborn, stuck-on, baked-on messes when the cooking is done. Simply allow the slow cooker to cool down before removing the liner and tossing it. With these liners, Reynolds promises fast and easy cleanup in 8 seconds or less, guaranteed. No soaking or scrubbing!

Each slow cooker bag measures 13 x 21 inches to fit 1- to 3-quart round and oval slow cookers, and is made with a BPA-free heat resistant (up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) nylon-blend construction. The liners are made of materials suitable for cooking foods in slow cookers on high, low, or keep-warm settings, and they have been proven to hold the heartiest of ingredients without breaking or puncturing in the slow cooker. Plus, they won’t affect the cook time or the taste of the food.

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners

Courtesy of Reynolds.

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners $3.31

“I do not use my crock pot without these!” says Cheyenne, who gave the product one of its more than 50,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. “They make cleanup so easy. Nothing is worse than having to scrub a large crockpot bowl with baked on food, but when you use one of these, you empty the crockpot of the contents, and then just simply throw away the liner, and there is no need to wash the big crockpot tub anymore. I simply give it a wipe down and put it away.”

Sounds so delightfully easy!

Not only are slow cooker liners great for reducing clean-up time, you can also use them to cook two separate dishes in your slow cooker at the same time. Check out this hack from Reynolds:

HOW-TO: Divided Slow Cooker Liner Hack

Divided slow cooker liner bag hack with Reynolds slow cooker liners.

Courtesy of Reynolds.

Step 1: Line one half of the slow cooker using one Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liner. Fold a piece Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil so that you have a foil wall between each bag.

Step 2: Line the other half of the slow cooker with another liner and slowly pour in your dips, a little on each side as you go so that the foil divider stays in place.

Step 3: Grab some chips and enjoy! Once your slow cooker liner is filled with both dips, you’re ready to party. Simply lay out a plate of veggies or a bag of chips and you’re ready to go. It’s perfect for game-day or any party!

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