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Target Is Selling The Cutest Easter-Themed Cat Scratcher For Just $17

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If you’re already in spring cleaning mode, you probably have already tossed out items around your home that have no purpose or are dated. Another category to declutter? Your cat’s toys. Take a look around. Does your cat have worn-down toys and scratching pads? If “yes,” we just found a new toy to add to your pet’s collection that’s just in time for Easter. And it’s under $17 at Target!

Boots & Barkley’s Spring Cat Scratcher is an interactive toy that will instantly pique your pet’s curiosity. It has a fresh, floral design that will fit in with your home decor and won’t be an eye sore, unlike other toys. The scratcher also contains cut-out openings that make it easy for your cat to walk through. The scratching board allows them to clean and sharpen their claws while getting exercise and playtime. The “house” is also sturdy enough for cats to climb without it constantly falling over.

Boots & Barkley Spring Cat Scratcher

Boots & Barkley Spring Cat Scratcher
Boots & Barkley
Spring Cat Scratcher $16.99

Shoppers say the house is “attractive and surprisingly sturdy,” and for the price, adding it to your cat’s toy collection is a must this spring.

Not only does the cat scratcher provide hours of entertainment for your pet, but it’s also durable. “These are the best houses!” one reviewer said. “Our first one lasted about 14 months. And it only gave out because we stacked things on top. Our cats love it! They sit in and on top of it all day! Very sturdy when built correctly and durable.”

Don’t miss out on surprising your furry friend with this surprise just in time for Easter. For under $20, we’re shocked it’s still in still at Target. You can pick up the cat scratcher and other Easter treats for your pet now before the holiday.

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