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Costco Is Selling a Set of Sushi-shaped Cat Toys & They Look Good Enough To Eat

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Our favorite part about shopping at Costco isn’t the money saved, and it’s not how practical it is to buy things in bulk. No, our favorite thing about shopping at the warehouse giant is the opportunity to get ourselves little treats. Be it a hammock chair for the patio because we’re dreaming of warm weather, or mini carrot cakes from the bakery section, those li’l Costco treats keep us going, but what about our cats? Don’t they deserve a little treat, too? Well, thankfully Costco has a new cat toy set that makes treating your cat like royalty when you arrive home from the store a total breeze. It’s a cat sushi toy set, and it looks almost good enough to eat.

The Yummy Sushi Cat Toys set was shared on Instagram by @CostoBuys. It’s a 10-piece set of plush cat toys that are filled with cat nip, and it’s only $12.89. The toys include shapes like mini hand rolls, mini fish bones, shrimp, and more. But you’ll have to be a Costco member to get them, because these aren’t listed online.

However, we did find some other sushi-themed cat toys online, for fish-frenzied felines. There’s a 6-pack of sushi toys that are infused with cat nip, and a 12 piece sushi cat toys set that’s also ~seasoned~ with cat nip.

Courtesy of CiyvoLyeen.

CiyvoLyeen 6 Pack Sushi Cat Toys with Catnip $14.99

Courtesy of Deekin.

Deekin 12 Piece Sushi Catnip Toys $10.99

But you also don’t want to be a tease with your poor cat who might be dreaming of getting a taste of fine tuna when you gift them with their new sushi toys. Add a pack of Cat Sushi Bonito Flakes, and you’ll really be your furry friend’s favorite person (as though you aren’t already).

Courtesy of Cat Sushi.

Cat Sushi Bonito Flakes $8.96

These Cat Sushi Bonito Flakes are made from real tuna, and you can use them as treats, serve them in a dish, or sprinkle them atop your cat’s food like a fabulous garnish.

Either way, your cat can stop side-eyeing your Costco bakery treat purchases, because they’re finally getting some tasty treats too.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with more awesome Costco bakery items seen in the gallery below.

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