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Reviewers Say This TikTok-approved Wedge Pillow Is ‘Gloriously Life Changing’ & It’s Available on Amazon

Do you find that you keep waking up without a pillow in the morning? If your pillow is constantly slipping between your mattress and your headboard in the middle of the night, then you may be waking up with a stiff neck caused by a lack of support. Thanks to TikTok, we stumbled upon a solution to your problem. It’s called the SnugStop, and it’s about to give you a much better night’s sleep.


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The SnugStop Original Bed Wedge Mattress Filler, made famous by TikTok user @queencarlene, is a wedge-shaped piece of foam that nestles in the crevice between your mattress and headboard. Not only does it give you the perfect angled support to prop your pillow against while laying down or sitting up in bed, but it also prevents your pillow from disappearing in the middle of the night.

It even comes with a side pocket for TV remotes, phones, glasses, or any other small object you need within reach.

Image: SnugStop

SnugStop The Original Bed Wedge Mattress Filler $35

The SnugStop comes in sizes ranging from Twin up to California King, and the over 11,400 five-star reviews prove that this thing really can improve your sleep cycle.

“I’ve had trouble with my pillows always slipping down between my bed and the wall. Not anymore,” one reviewer said. “I don’t have a backboard, but it really doesn’t matter as it stays firmly in place. It fits my full-size bed perfectly, and the way I got it set up is just as shown. It helps lift my pillow slightly, and this adds some support to a floppy pillow.”

“This dumb wonderful thing has been kinda gloriously life-changing,” another reviewer wrote. “We haven’t fought about ‘where’s the remote’ since we bought it. Though the picture shows angled, you can make it flush if preferred. Fits easily…simple smart idea to make life better.”

Pick up a SnugStop Bed Wedge Mattress Filler and never lose your pillow again!

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