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This ‘Vet-Recommended’ Flea & Tick Collar from Amazon Lasts 8 Months & Has Over 70,000 5-Star Reviews

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Attention, pet parents: With spring just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for flea and tick season. Are you ready to protect your furry friend from those pesky little bloodsuckers? Does the thought of a flea circus on your dog’s back give you nightmares? Good news, you can put your fears to rest for the next eight months (!) by simply buying this vet-recommended flea and tick collar — it has an impressive 70,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

The Seresto Flea & Tick Treatment and Prevention Collar makes your dog’s comfort a priority by killing on contact, so pests don’t have to bite your dog to die — which sounds ideal, right? And unlike other flea and tick protection, Seresto flea and tick collars kill and repel fleas for eight continuous months thanks to the active ingredients stored in the collar’s innovative polymer matrix and released in low concentrations across your dog’s coat and skin over time. The collar is also odorless, non-greasy and water resistant to swimming, exposure to rain or sunlight, bathing, and shampoo treatment. Win, win, win!

Seresto Flea & Tick Treatment and Prevention Collar

Seresto  Flea & Tick Treatment and Prevention Collar

Courtesy of Seresto.

Seresto Flea & Tick Treatment and Prevention Collar $53.95

The Seresto collars protect against common pests like deer ticks, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, and Lone Star ticks; they’re also effective against chewing lice and aid in the treatment and control of Sarcoptic mange. Existing fleas die within 24 hours of application while reinfesting fleas are killed within just two hours – before they lay eggs – preventing further flea infestation. Re-infesting ticks die in as few as six hours, and tick infestations are eliminated within 48 hours of the initial application.

All of this is super important, because not only do fleas and ticks cause your dog discomfort, they can also transmit bartonellosis, tapeworms, or Lyme disease. These diseases can be very serious for your dog and cause long-term pain and suffering, which no pet parent wants for their pup — not to mention the hefty vet bills that accompany treatments, which are not great for your bank account.

Recommended by veterinarians and stocked by 8,000 vet clinics, Seresto flea and tick collars are for dogs at least 7 weeks old, and there’s no prescription needed. Large collars are for dogs 18 lbs. and up; small is the best size for dogs under 18 lbs.

With more than 90,000 reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.6 stars, the Seresto collars are a favorite among dog owners.

“We got these collars after our vet recommended them when numerous other products weren’t working,” says one Amazon five-star review. “We have used these them for several years now, and have never seen a single flea or tick on any of my animals including my indoor/outdoor cat and both my dogs. We live in the deep woods with long grass before the woods that the animals all travel through several times a day, and these hold up – when no other product does. Excellent value for the money.”

“This brand is the best!” raves another happy dog dad. “These are the only collars that keep our dogs tick-free here in a western Penn. I like the way the collar is made with spacers on the side that goes against the dog to keep from any irritation.”

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