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Shoppers Saw Results ‘After the First Try’ of This Katie Holmes-Approved Brand’s $7 Tea Tree Cleanser

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When it comes to celeb-approved brands and recommendations, we’re always interested to see what’s on Katie Holmes’ must-have list. The actress and mom of one has rarely led us astray, and among the brands she loves, there’s one that features a luxurious cleanser that’s sure to give your skin the total spa treatment. This cleanser is beloved by shoppers, ranks as an Amazon’s Choice selection, and it can be yours for just $7.

Olay’s Deep Gel Cleanser with Tea Tree Essential Oil is ideal for rejuvenating your skin. This gel delivers a deep cleansing experience without over-drying your skin or the use of sulfates. When applying the gel, the cleanser turns into a refreshing lather on the skin. Use just one pump of Olay’s deep gel cleanser each day and night and give your skin a refresh. This cleanser works with your skin and rinses away any excess dirt, oil, and impurities without over-drying the skin or clogging pores.

Image: Olay via Amazon

Olay Deep Gel Cleanser with Tea Tree Essential Oil $6.99 on

Shoppers are obsessing over this cleanser and the way it makes their skin look and feel. Just read what they have to say: “I absolutely love this! As a senior citizen, my skin is dry and sensitive all over. I talked about using this as a body wash in addition to just a facial wash with my dermatologist and he encouraged me to try it. I’ve had a noticeable improvement in the condition of my skin everywhere. I don’t think I need to search for a wash anymore,” one shopper wrote.

“I was looking for a cleanser that was not too harsh and this seems to do what I wanted. It is fresh, soft and my face feels clean after using it,” another said. Your skin deserves all the best love and care, and Olay’s Deep Gel Cleanser with Tea Tree Essential Oil might just be the one to give that to you! Order this $7 cleanser to help your skin look and feel its very best.

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