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Never Crawl Under Your Sink for Cleaning Supplies Again With This TikTok-approved Gadget From Amazon

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If you had to guess, how many bottles of cleaning solution do you have under your sink right now? And how many of them do you actually use? And how often do you avoid going under the sink to find that single bottle of cleaning solution because rooting through chemicals and spiders just isn’t your thing? Kick that entire cleaning cabinet hassle to the curb and pick up this handy TikTok-approved kitchen tool instead. It’s a paper towel holder, it’s a spray bottle of cleaning liquid, and it’s going to save you from that under-the-sink spray bottle shuffle.

The Everyday Solutions Spray Bottle Paper Towel Holder is a genius little invention made popular on TikTok by the user Stephanie Grime (@stephaniegrime). Rather than a standard pole in the middle of the paper towel holder, this gadget has a skinny spray bottle that you can fill with your cleaning solution of choice.

Then, next time you have a spill your need to wipe up, just slide the bottle out of the center and grab a few paper towels. No need to bend down and look for anything under your sink again.

The metal base and components of the Everyday Solutions paper towel holder are made with durable stainless steel that won’t rust over time. And the spray bottle doesn’t need to be in the center of the paper towel roll in order for the holder to work thanks to the small metal tube the bottle sits in.

Plus, the weighted base makes grabbing and tearing paper towels a one-handed job.

Everyday Solutions paper towel spray bottle holder

Image: Everyday Solutions

Everyday Solutions Spray Bottle Paper Towel Holder $30

“Don’t have to get cleaner out the closet since it’s attached to this makes life easier to do quick clean-ups,” one five-star reviewer wrote.

Another reviewer wrote, “It is the best for us since I have a super curious crawler. Consequently, all our cleaning liquids are stored in high cabinets so he can not reach [them]. But with this hidden spray on my countertop, I can easily access my cleaning liquid without worrying that it is too obvious and my little one can reach it. This is a genius idea and design.”

Cleanups have never been quicker than they are with the Everyday Solutions paper towel holder on your countertop. Grab one for $30 on Amazon and close that sink cabinet for good.

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