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This TikTok-Famous Interactive Cat Toy Is Only $8 Today on Amazon

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Does your pet need a pet? How about getting your cat a pet fish? Sound like a truly terrible idea that will only end in horror? Not according to TikTok user Bre_an_muffin whose video of her three cats gathered around her “pet” fish has 1.2. million likes and 49,000 shares. Of course, she explains, “before you all come on to me, this is a robo-alive fish, okay, it’s not real.”

Whew! Calling the battery-powered toy swimming around in a plastic container filled with water “the equivalent of cat TV,” the viral TikTok video explains how her cats love it even though it just goes in circles all day. (Sounds like the plots of some of our favorite streaming series, to be honest.) The rubber toy comes in a set of three brightly colored fish with wiggling tails that propel them through the water. It is pretty mesmerizing to watch, even for a human, so imagine how it would capture the attention of a cat’s tiny little brain!

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Right now, you can order the trio of fishies for less than $10, but there are only 20 left in stock, so get them before they swim out of reach. Also, they ship from China so you’ll have to wait a few weeks before you can set your cat up on their tiny sofa to watch their new favorite show.

Interactive Swimming Fish Cat Toy

Interactive Swimming Fish Cat Toy

Courtesy of Jkshop.

Interactive Swimming Fish Cat Toy $8.73

Cats need playtime just like dogs and kids (the human kind). It helps stimulate their brains and prevent boredom and anxiety, while giving them much-need exercise. While this toy might be more of a coach-potato activity for some felines, other cats will probably dip their paws into the “pool” to try to swat or even catch the fish.

We can even see how watching our cats watch these toy fish could be relaxing for us, too. Or maybe we will just sit and watch the fish as they circle around and around. They are pretty cute — and we don’t need to feed them any smelly fish flakes or clean their bowl. Robo fish might just be the new pet of the future, for cats and humans alike!

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