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Fold Your Shirts Like the Pros With This Folding Board That’s Over 50% Off on Amazon

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Your annual spring cleaning session is about to begin, and you may be considering Marie Kondo-ing your entire wardrobe. So when it’s time to put everything back together, you probably want to display your hard work of hemming and hawing over which items “spark joy” in a beautiful way. So, fold those shirts that made the cut the same way retail professionals do by using this bestselling shirt folding board. Your drawers and shelves look so tidy you won’t believe you’re not in the mall.

The Shirt Folder by BoxLegend is a handy gadget that folds your shirts professionally in three easy steps. Just lay your shirt face-down on the board and tuck the sleeves in toward the body. Then, flip the left-hinged side of the board, then the right, and finally, the bottom flap upwards to create a uniform fold that is shelf-ready.

All your folded shirts will be the exact same size, which makes for super-even stacks on your shelves and in your drawers. And right now, this board is 50 percent off its original price of $29.

Image: BoxLegend

BoxLegend Shirt Folder $14

Over 23,900 Amazon reviewers have rated this folding board five stars, with one of them saying, “For anyone that is a neat freak or just likes things to be organized, this handy tool is the best. We have an open closet system and love that my husband’s t-shirts and sweatshirts are neatly folded making the closet look organized.”

Another reviewer wrote, “I always see the associates in clothing stores using these and was so excited when I realized you could get them on Amazon. This thing works like a dream. It’s easy to use, folds perfectly, and it’s crazy how much thinner my shirts are now compared to when I fold them myself by hand. It took a few shirts to get the hang of it, but within minutes I found a flow and was able to breeze through my pile.”

This thing is so fun to use, you may even like putting away laundry. Pick up the BoxLegend Shirt Folder to kick your spring cleaning up a notch.

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