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Keep Drowning Your Plants? This Moisture Meter May Be the Lifeline They Need & It’s Currently Almost 50% Off

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Look, you’re definitely not the only one who is killing their plants with kindness. So many plant parents out there are guilty of overwatering their plants to the point of drowning, and despite knowing this bad habit, some of us just can’t seem to put the watering can down. To make sure — like, really sure — your plants actually need to be watered, you may want to pick up this moisture meter from Amazon while it’s on sale for 50 percent off. It will let you know in just a few seconds if your plant needs a drink, or if you should just walk away before it’s too late.

The XLUX Moisture Meter is a handy little device that you can stick into the soil of houseplants and garden plants to get an accurate moisture reading. The easy-to-read dial includes 10 points on a dry-to-wet scale so you can get a clear read of how much water is around your plant’s roots (and the thin probe won’t damage those roots, either).

Right now, the XLUX Moisture Meter is marked down to just $13, so you can save your houseplants from your overwatering while saving 50 percent.

XLUX soil moisture meter

Image: XLUX

XLUX Soil Moisture Meter $13

Over 23,800 gardeners swear by the XLUX Moisture Meter, noting that it’s perfect for those of us who may need help improving our green thumbs. “I have a brown thumb when it comes to houseplants, either overwatering or underwatering,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “This meter makes it easy for me to check the soil for moisture levels. I had to lay rocks on top of the soil to keep my dog out of the plant so I couldn’t just shove my finger in to test. The meter slides in easily to give me a reading making my life easier and greener.”

And others love how simple this tool is to use. In fact, it doesn’t require any batteries. “I decided to give this tool a try because all of a sudden many of my house plants were not doing well,” another reviewer wrote. “I didn’t expect too much out of a gadget so simple. It works great. I gained a lot of information as some plants were too wet and some too dry. A++++ for me.”

Give your plants a breath of fresh air and put the watering can down. With the XLUX Moisture Meter at the ready, your house plants will go from drenched and yellow to lush and green.

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