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Shoppers Say These $25 Coffee Mug Organizers are ‘Perfect for Saving Space’ in Cabinets

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Have you looked in your kitchen cabinet lately? You know, the one where you store all your coffee mugs and always open it in such a way so that none of them come tumbling onto the counter? Well, say goodbye to those days, because we found a product that’ll completely change how you organize your favorite coffee mugs — and it’s $25 on Amazon.

ELYPRO has designed a little contraption that’ll totally upgrade how you store your coffee mugs. ELYPRO’s Coffee Mug Organizers are designed to ensure your cabinet space is wholly optimized and spacious. This little organizer is an adjustable stacking device perfect for any size mug. It’s one size fits all, so all of your favorite mugs will stack safely inside your cabinet from this day forward.

Image: ELYPRO via Amazon.

ELYPRO Coffee Mug Organizers $24.99 on

The Coffee Mug Organizer features expandable legs that make it adjustable to fit most of the sizes and shapes of coffee mugs, cups, and glasses in your kitchen cabinet, pantry cabinet, or under sink organizer and storage. Just put the stacker on top of the lip of one of your mugs, with the legs open. Then, stack another mug with a similarly sized lip on top and close the legs of the stacker. It’s that simple!

Shoppers love this little contraption. “I have tall cabinets so I needed a vertical storage solution. This allowed me to stack mugs that would otherwise not be stackable and created a lot more storage,” one satisfied customer said. “I have mismatched mugs and have always struggled to fit them in the cabinet. These are adjustable so they fit all the mug sizes I have so stacking is easy. Wish I’d gotten them sooner as they would have prevented many chips in the top of mugs from being stacked directly on the lip of the mug,” another wrote. For coffee lovers and tea drinkers alike, this product is a must-have. At just $25, you can get your mug stackers in black, blue, or orange. So don’t wait — get yours today!

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