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This Slow-feeder Dog Bowl Is Going Viral on TikTok Because It’s Effective & Beautiful

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If your dog is bloated, gassy, and suffers from occasional or frequent vomiting after eating, then he may be a speed eater. Dogs who eat too fast often deal with indigestion and other bowel issues that aren’t fun for them or anyone in their vicinity. Luckily, you can slow your dog’s roll with a slow-feeder dog bowl that makes eating more of a challenge and forces them to take their time.

One slow feeder is making waves on TikTok because it’s not only effective at slowing down speedy eaters, but it’s also pretty to keep in your kitchen, too. TikTok user Sam Robinson (@saaammage) found this silicone slow feeder from Should We Go? that added whole minutes to her rescue pup’s eating time thanks to the channels in which the kibbles slip into, forcing dogs to take their time to fish each one out.

The slow-feeder dog bowl from Should We Go? is also perfect for the dog who pushes his food bowl around the entire kitchen because the bowl has a shallow suction cup at the bottom that keeps it in place until you pull the tab to release it from the floor.

It also comes in beautiful colors like this blush tone, as well as terracotta, sage green, honey, and charcoal. And when it’s time to give it a clean, just toss it in the dishwasher.

Should We Go? slow feeder dog bowl

Image: Should We Go?

Should We Go? Slow Feeder Dog Bowl $25

“I love this bowl so far!” one five-star reviewer wrote on Amazon. “It’s sturdier and heavier than I was expecting, and the suction works well to keep it in place. I have a bigger dog and was afraid this would be too easy for him or that his kibble would be too big, but it works perfectly and slows him down more than other designs we’ve tried.”

Another pet parent said, “We have a very fast-eating retriever and have tried four other slow feeder styles and none slowed her down. Decided to try one more and this is it! Actually works! I bought a second one in a different color to use to freeze peanut butter.”

Solve your dog’s digestion issues by slowing down his meal times with this stylish slow-feeder bowl. He might not be thrilled with the new eating routine, but you definitely will be!

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