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This Innovative New Kitty Litter Helps Track Your Cat’s Health & Saves You Money

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Cat lovers adore their fur balls for their affectionate and playful personalities and soft and cuddly little bodies. Cat people even love their frisky felines’ “independence!” But, not even the most cat crazy among us loves kitty litter or dealing with the cat’s litter box. Let’s face it, kitty litter is can be the bane of existence for a cat parent. No matter how “dust-free” most brands claim to be, clouds of mess get kicked up every time your cat uses the box and any time you change the litter. Then there’s the tracking, leaving a trail of paw prints across your house. And despite all the promises of “mountain fresh” or “ocean breeze” scents, the truth is that kitty litter still smells like, well, you know. Luckily, there’s a new kitty litter option that can change all that — and tell you important information about your cat’s health.

Genius Litter With Health Indicator is super-absorbent, odor-trapping crystals that change colors based on the health of your cat’s urine. In contrast to traditional clay litter, Genius Litter is made of dust-free, low-tracking minerals that are 80% lighter than traditional litters. It’s non-clumping formula means less scooping and once-a–month refills.and only need to be refilled once a month.

Genius Litter With Health Indicator

Genius Litter With Health Indicator.
Courtesy of Genius Litter by AlphaPaw.
Genius Litter $24.00

“With all the hype I really doubted this product would live up to it,” wrote cat owner Shani Harden in her online review, “but I decided to at least try it. I am amazed. I used to have to vacuum the floor every day with the old clay litter. This litter does not get tracked all over the house.” Win!

“With clay litter, when your cat pees it forms just a huge ball of cement that you have to scrape off the litter pan,” Shani continues. “With this litter it’s like the pee just disappears.” Now that’s a magic act we want to see!

So, while typical kitty litter is heavy, results in a lot of dust and litter tracks throughout the house, and doesn’t work well on odor control, Genius Litter is lightweight, dust-free, and absorbs urine in seconds, leaving no trace and no odor. Plus, of course, Genius Litter is the only litter that catches urine abnormalities and signs of illness or disease, giving you the “inside scoop” (get it?) on your cat’s health. Buying Genius Litter also helps shelter cats in the U.S.; you fund 10 meals for cats in need for every bag you purchase.

Whether you buy online or in stores, try Genius Litter and let us know if it makes dealing with the litter box less of a pain!

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