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‘Even the Laziest Cats’ Will Go Crazy For This 3-Speed Automatic Laser Toy

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Do you have a cat at home who isn’t quite getting the recommended amount of exercise? There’s a fix for that — and no, it doesn’t mean your personal step count has to get any higher. Getting your kitty to chase a laser around is a time-honored way of making sure your four-legged friend is getting in their cardio, but holding that laser yourself is a fool’s errand, and Fithome’s automatic laser toy has every possible feature you could need to keep your cat entertained and active without you personally lifting a finger.

Why do we love the Fithome laser toy so much? Let us count the ways. The toy doesn’t wait for you to turn it on or for your cat to pass by — it will run for 10 minutes automatically with 90-minute rest intervals in between, encouraging your cat to get in some running time no matter what. You can set it to one of three different speed settings: slow mode for older cats, fast mode for energetic young cats, or fast-slow variable mode for cats who need a little extra to stay entertained, with one pet parent noting that this “slow-fast” mode “got the attention of my other cat that hasn’t chased a laser since her kitten years.”

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Automatic laser toy

Reviewers say the laser on this toy is just as bright as on handheld devices and that this works great in small spaces too, and they even rave about the customer service if anything goes wrong or isn’t working optimally with your device. Calling the company can give you new ideas about where to mount it (it can be mounted on a window with a suction cup, or simply placed on a high surface) and how to adjust the toy itself for the best laser arc that gives your cat the perfect amount of challenge.

Fithome Cat Laser Toy $19.99

“I love everything about this laser toy,” one pet parent raves. “I love how it comes on automatically every 1.5 hours which keeps my boys busy while I’m at work….There is a large range of motion as it can be moved up and down and side to side to fit any space. This laser toy has far exceeded my expectations.”

“My cat gets so excited when it comes on,” another review gushes. “He loves it. It brings him joy so it brings me joy. Best $20 I’ve ever spent.”

For a truly hands-off laser toy, you can’t do better than Fithome’s new offering. Order one today and it’ll be off to the races for your cat!

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