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These Calming Cat Collars Are an Amazon-Favorite ‘Game Changer’ for Anxious & Agitated Pets

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If you’re a cat owner, you’re likely familiar with at least a couple of situations that are bound to make your furry friend anxious. Whether your pet doesn’t travel well, doesn’t enjoy spending time around other animals, or is still adjusting to your home, there’s nothing sadder (and more exhausting) than trying to calm down a kitty that’s freaking out. If you’ve been wondering whether a calming collar might do the trick for your stressed-out feline, this set of three is currently on sale for 40 percent off on Amazon, and cat owners swear in the reviews that these pheromone-releasing accessories really work.

TriOak’s cat calming collars come in a set of three, which — at its current 40 percent off price — is under $20 for the full set. The collars are adjustable to fit any size cat, and release soothing pheromones that mimic the ones released by mother cats to their kittens, creating a calming effect for whatever has your cat riled up. The collar should start to work within one hour and can continue to provide calming effects for up to 30 days.

TriOak Cat Calming Collars 3-Pack

Cat Calming Collars

“This collar is a life changer and I wish all shy, timid or hard to get along cat and rescue could have these collars,” one five-star review reads. “Our newest family member is so much calmer.”

TriOak Cat Calming Collars (Set of 3) $17.95

“We were at [our] wits’ end until I tried these collars,” another cat mom writes in, describing a tough adjustment period after taking in a third cat. “They aren’t best friends by any means, but they can all sit in the same room without any hissing or attacking each other which is a huge win!”

Who knew that one small collar could make such a big difference? With the current deal on Amazon, your newly calm kitties could be just one click and less than $20 away.

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