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TikTok Loves This Multi-purpose Couch Caddy From Amazon That Charges Your Phone & Holds Snacks at the Same Time

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When you’re in couch potato mode, convenience is key. Having to reach for your drink on the coffee table or run a charger from the wall to your phone is just not ideal when you’re cozy under your blanket. Now, you don’t have to get out of the zone to grab your drink, eat your snack, or charge your phone — this incredibly little couch caddy is your new best friend.

The Zigtiger Couch Caddy recently went viral on TikTok because it’s just that genius. “This couch caddy comes with a wireless power bank to wirelessly charge your phone and two other devices at the same time,” TikTok user Julianna Christensen (@julianna_claire) said in a January video. “Remove the wireless power bank for the perfect section to place your remotes. The drink holder is completely spill-proof and the food-grade snack bowl can hold up to half a bag of chips.”

The only thing it can’t do is handle your bathroom breaks. Sorry, but you’ll still have to exit couch potato mode to deal with that.

The couch caddy retails for $70, which is pretty steep. But after you spend an afternoon on the couch with it, you’ll find that it’s totally worth it for just how convenient it is.

Zigtiger couch caddy

Image: Zigtiger

Zigtiger Couch Cup Holder Tray $70

“One of the best features is that is is heavier and more sturdy than other couch caddies,” one five-star reviewer wrote about the Zigtiger cup holder. “It will hold your drink, and a snack, and your phone, as well as charge your phone. I would recommend this product to those searching for a good-quality couch caddy.”

Another reviewer added, “Not only is this magic box a great place to keep track of where the remote is; it has awesome features like phone charging, drinks not spilling when the littles are monkeys and jumping on the couch, and has a place with a lid to store a little dry snack from the pets when you pause your show for a pee breaks. I am most impressed with its durability as my young toddlers have thrown this off the couch and it hasn’t broken.”

Your couch-potato time has never been more relaxing thanks to this little caddy that can basically do it all.

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