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Shoppers Are Convinced This 10-Minute TikTok-Viral Face Mask Is a ‘Magical Elixir’ for Achieving ‘Perfect Skin’

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Keeping your complexion clear requires a good skincare routine and heavy-hitting products that deliver results. That means you must test products to see what works with your skin type. If you’re shopping for a new skincare product that cleanses skin and reduces pores size, you’re in luck! We just learned about Sand & Sky’s Australian Pink Clay Porefining Mask that treats acne and blackheads — it also leaves skin instantly brighter.

The TikTok viral mask gives you near “perfect skin” in 10 minutes. It promises to smooth and cleanse skin while leaving your pores drastically reduced. So how does it work? The pink clay mask is crafted with Australian pink clay that tightens pores and deeply cleanses skin without leaving it feeling tight and stripped from moisture. There is also witch hazel, kelp, and Kakadu plum, which leaves skin smooth and visibly brighter. Better yet, the mask is cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Mask

Australian Pink Clay Porefining Mask $39.90

Shoppers call it “magic in a jar.” One wrote, “I am convinced that this is a perfect skin spell. The only possible explanation for the wonders that this product works is sorcery. I would like to personally thank whoever created this magical elixir. It fixes everything. For my personal skin, it helps prevent breakouts, it smooths my skin texture, and it helps reduce the redness in my cheeks. I am prone to cystic acne and blackheads on my nose, but I don’t often get whiteheads. My cheeks are extremely red, and I have medium-large pores. This stuff takes care of it all.”

The mask also reduces pimples overnight. “[It] eliminated a zit overnight,” another reviewer wrote. “I had a painful under-grounder zit that was coming in, so I was eager to try it out. I put it on. You immediately feel it begin to tighten on your face as it dries. I didn’t leave it on the full amount of time it says because I have dry skin and didn’t want to lose all moisture. After washing off, it didn’t feel any different, but when I woke up, the zit was gone!! Totally gone. You could kind of see a little bit of where it was going to pop out, but it felt completely gone! The blackheads on my nose were minimized/gone, and I’m a believer!”

“Best clay mask I’ve ever used!” a final five-star reviewer said. “I have to say that I am not disappointed. I love the fact that the mask actually hardens (instead of just remaining a wet gooey mess) and that it only takes 10 minutes. I immediately noticed my skin feeling firmer and so much softer — my fiancé couldn’t stop touching it! After a few more uses, I have noticed that the blackheads on my nose and chin have reduced in size and number, and I really hope that continues.”

If you want to see what the “magic” mask does for yourself, head to Amazon now. If you spend $100 on select products, you can save 20 percent on the mask.

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