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Shoppers Say This Anxiety-Relieving & Interactive Laser Cat Toy Is Their Cat’s ‘Favorite’ & It’s On Sale for Under $20

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There’s no denying it: cats love lasers. I mean, why wouldn’t they like a toy that turns the living room into their own personal light show? Exactly! Now you can get your furry friend their new favorite toy for less than $20 on Amazon!

The PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Toy is 30% off right now and will get here in time for Christmas! The safe-for-pets toy shoots a laser beam from a cat-shaped rotating ball. Just place the toy on a flat surface or hang it up on the wall and let your kitty enjoy it while you are working from home or out running errands. (Your wrist will thank you!)

This highly rated toy helps relieve anxiety in cats and interest them all day with it’s dancing dot. Just head to the reviews section to see it’s beloved by cat owners. One reviewer said, “They do enjoy the other toys, but not with the consistent excitement they have with this one. It’s their favorite. The randomness of the laser movement is great.”

“I ordered this for them, and they are HUGE FANS,” another said about their “two very active cats.” “They hear it whirr on, and they are all set to play for fifteen minutes. They know exactly where the red dot comes from, but they don’t care! Fun to watch them play, and it keeps them out of my hair for a while!”

One person did warn that you need to find somewhere creative to set up the laser for super smart cats. “Our cats loved, loved, loved this device until they found out a way to attack it at it’s source,” they said. “We’d turn it on and just left the room. This device kept them busy for what seemed like an eternity.”

They went on: “That was until our three little devils started chasing each other around the house again while knocking everything within their path on the floor. I walked into the room where I set the device up and it was on the floor with the laser pointing directly at the floor. I assume they grew tired of it not playing anymore and felt their time was better suited destroying everything we know and love in the house.”

Luckily, others said that it is pretty sturdy even if your cat does knock it down. “Device has been knocked over a few times by my cats and it still keeps working,” one person said, adding that if your cats love it, you should get some rechargeable batteries to ensure they can always play with it.

Shop this super fun cat laser toy while it’s still on sale now.

PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy

Challenge your cat’s natural instincts to chase and pounce with this PetSafe laser cat toy. It moves in random patterns at set intervals to entertain and exercise your feline friends throughout the day.

PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy $18.95

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