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Aldi Is Selling the Most Adorable ‘Hocus Pocus’ Squishmallows But You Need to Grab Them Quickly

Years after the beloved original first aired, “Hocus Pocus” is finally getting a sequel. The “Hocus Pocus 2” premiere was on September 27, the movie will be available to stream on Disney+ this Friday (September 30), and it seems like everyone is in the mood to celebrate. Chewy has the cutest Hocus Pocus-themed collection of dog and cat toys, our witchiest friends have been going gaga for this Hocus Pocus tarot deck, and you know we’ve been sipping our coffee out of our new Hocus Pocus travel tumblers from Target. But the latest Hocus Pocus item that caught our eye might just be the cutest yet: Hocus Pocus Squishmallows at Aldi!

Aldi really does have a little bit of everything. While we usually head to the discount grocer to pick up random snacks and seasonal items, they also have a merchandise aisle that’s loaded with a chaotic assortment of amazing finds. Now, with the “Hocus Pocus” sequel about to drop, one Instagrammer has shared that they spotted Hocus Pocus Squishmallows at Aldi.

The Squishmallows look just like cute and cuddly versions of the wicked Sanderson sisters, from Winifred’s buck teeth and Mary’s hauntingly fabulous updo to Sarah’s beauty mark and blonde hair. But they’re already selling fast. “If you want these, and you have a Wednesday AldiFinds store, then I wouldn’t wait,” AldiFavoriteFinds shared. “By the time I got this photo, there were four completely empty cases of these already. These will probably be gone today in most stores.”

What if your Aldi is already sold out (or you don’t have one nearby)? Thankfully Amazon is selling these Hocus Pocus Squishmallows too…although you’ll also want to act fast, before they sell out. You can get a set of three, or opt for a stand-alone character, like the 5-inch Winifred Squishmallow.

Courtesy of Squishmallows.

Squishmallows Halloween Hocus Pocus Witches 12-inch Plush, Set of 3 $107.79

Courtesy of Squishmallows.

Squishmallows 5-inch Hocus Pocus Winifred $38.90

They’re also available at select retailers like Claire’s and Walmart, but they’re selling fast everywhere we looked, so if you want one for your collection, you’ll need to act soon.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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