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Shoppers Can’t Stop Marveling at the Before & After Photos of Pet Owners Using This ‘Remarkable’ $11 Grooming Brush

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When you’re a pet parent, you never realize how time-consuming grooming can be until you’re a few pets in and your whole house is covered in fur. Whether all your black clothes are covered in fur or you’re sneezing your brains out, your pet’s fur can get out of hand quickly. Now, if you have a long-haired cat or dog, you know how crazy it is, and how crucial it is to find the perfect tools to keep it under control.

Thanks to Amazon, we may have found the go-to rake for long-haired pets, and it’s only $11 for a limited time!

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Courtesy of FURminator FURminator.

FURminator Grooming Rake $11.00, originally $13.29 on Buy now Sign Up

The FURminator Grooming Rake
is a powerful and effective grooming rake that helps you do a plethora of things for your furry friend! Not only can it help with removing loose hair, but it can also help you get their undercoats under control, help prevent tangles, prevent mats, and more. For those pups and cats who have thicker hair (and especially those with a thick undercoat), this rake is an easy and convenient way to get your pet’s hair situation under control.

Per the brand, they recommend finding a calming area to do it and brush your pet!

With over 12,000 reviews at 4.7 stars, this rake has become a go-to for so many pet owners. And if all of that wasn’t convincing enough, the before and after photos are absolutely insane! The top Amazon review with one of the most startling photos said, “I wish I could give this thing seven stars, but five will have to do. I was able to pull entire sheets of undercoat out of our husky without disturbing the topcoat. I’ve never had anything work so well. It’s even easier to keep the fur pile together. The fur stays clumped instead of getting spread out and floating around like with the blade-style furminator. This thing really digs the loose stuff out so much faster and easier. Check the photo to see what 20 minutes will get you.”

Another shopper added, “Using this rake was such a relief. It pulls out so much of the loose hair in a single pass; it made grooming such a better experience. It doesn’t hurt our boy at all, and he actually seems to enjoy it at some points. Would highly recommend”

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