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Pet Parents Are Loving This Innovative Paw Cleaner That’s ‘Easy to Use’ & ‘Effective’

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We dog moms and dads love our fur babies. We can’t wait to cuddle with them at the end of a long day, buy them new toys and treats, and take them on tons of adventures with us. I mean, we’re not even really that disgusted by picking their poop off the sidewalk. There is one mess we desperately try to avoid, though, and that’s dirty paw prints all over our floors, or carpets, or upholstered furniture. It’s impossible, however, to keep Fido’s feet from picking up dirt and grime while outside in the yard or on neighborhood walks. Luckily we just discovered an innovative paw cleaner that is wowing Amazon shoppers.

The Pupmate Paw Cleane r is a portable bottle of cleaning solution, equipped with a soft silicone brush to gently be effectively clean away the dirt and dust on your dog’s (or cat’s!) paws. The no-rinse cleaning solution is pet-friendly formula made of all natural ingredients, and it’s fresh rose scent will even deodorize your pet’s stinky feet. The paw brush is detachable and can be washed if it gets dirty. Of course, you don’t have to limit the Pupmate cleaner to just paws; it’s also great for spot cleaning your pet’s body when your pooch isn’t up for a full bath. (To which some dogs would say, “Arf arf bark!” which loosely translated means, “Always, thank you.”

Pupmate Paw Cleaner

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Cleaning a dog’s paws isn’t just about protecting your home from muddy tracks, however. According to PetMD, “Cleaning up paws will not only protect your floors but also will allow you to see any paw problems that might need attention and prevent others from developing. Caked-on dirt may hide wounds and chronically dirty feet can cause inflammation and abrasions.” Plus, in winter conditions, the sidewalk salt used to prevent us humans from slipping can be really irritating to unprotected paws.

“Clean paws for the win!” raves on happy pet parent in the Amazon reviews. “This is such an easy to use paw cleaner. … The bristles are a very soft silicone and can be removed for easy cleaning. The little silicone scrubber is small enough to get in between their paw pads and do a very good job cleaning the dirt after walks/hikes. The bottle is portable and comes with a plastic cap that also acts as a stopper to prevent foam from being dispensed if you toss this cleaner into a bag or something by. Once you scrub each paw pad, it’s easy to clean using a clean towel or paper towel. My dog’s paws look so clean and the cleaning foam smells so nice! An excellent product that is easy to use, less messy than water and less wasteful than using disposable wet wipes.”

Another Amazon shopper noted with relief, “No more muddy paws on my carpet!” continuing, “After buying this I notice not only are her paws cleaner but she doesn’t bite at her paws anymore and the paws lost their Frito Lay smell.” (Yep, we know that corn chip scent! It’s caused by harmless microbes, by the way, but the rose scent of Pupmate is nicer, right?)

The conclusion? As one satisfied Amazon shopper put it,”Pupmate paw cleaner is easy to use, works really well and has a nice scent. My dog gives it 4 paws up.”

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