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Shoppers Credit This Sleek Automatic Pet Feeder For Giving Them ‘Peace of Mind’ While Out of The House — & It’s Nearly 50% Off

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Pet parents know the struggle of trying to plan a day out of the house that doesn’t conflict with their pet’s meal schedule. Sure, you can ask a neighbor to pop in and dish out kibbles, or you can try to explain nicely to your dog or cat that you’ll be late for dinner. But wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was a gadget that could dish out your pet’s meal for you when you can’t be there to do it yourself? the PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder does just that and it’s given so many pet parents peace of mind when they know they’re not going to be home.

The PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder, which is currently on sale on Amazon for 34% off, comes in two different sizes and can be programmed to feed your small dog or cat a specific amount of dry food at predetermined times. You can program up to six feedings of up to 50 portions (each 20 ml) to make sure your pet stays fed no matter how many hours you’re out of the house or how many meals need to be served throughout the day.

You can even record a 10-second message to call your pet to the feeder when it’s time to eat.

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The PETLIBRO feeder is also a breeze to clean thanks to the removable parts and kibble stays fresh for longer thanks to the twist-lock lid and sealing strip.

“This item is fantastic,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “You can program several different feeding times with their own specific portion sizes, as well as manually dispense food. There are two ways to power, by plug and by battery – when unplugged or the power goes out, the battery takes over with no disruption to the programmed cycles. We used this for our two cats while we went out of town for a few days, and it really gave us peace of mind that our cats were being fed and not overeating at an endless food bowl, which one of our kitties tends to do when we are gone. Even if the food piles up, I have not experienced any clogging or backing with this feeder, which is something I worried about.”

And another five-star reviewer loves this automatic feeder for their small dog. “I got the black 5L first for my dog … I previously tried another popular brand of auto feeder and it was terrible to put together and program. This one is very simple. So I liked this so much [that] I bought two 3L feeders for my cats! They should be here soon and I hope to have the same luck with them.”

Give yourself peace of mind that your pet will always be fed and pick up the PETLIBRO automatic feeder while it’s on sale.

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