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Pet Parents Can’t Believe How Well This New Calming Collar Works for Anxious Dogs

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What do thunderstorms, fireworks, crowds, and separation all have in common? They can be huge anxiety triggers for sensitive pups. Of course, medicines and CBD chews can be effective solutions. But some pet parents would prefer to treat anxiety from the outside in rather than the other way around. That’s where calming collars like the ones from EQDRAF on Amazon come in handy. Pet parents say these collars have really helped their dogs stay calm during anxiety-inducing situations and there’s no need to ingest any medicines or calming aids.

The Calm Dog Collars from EQDRAF
are coated with pheromones that activate when warmed by body heat. These pheromones mimic the ones released by mothers to calm puppies and can provide calming comfort for up to 60 days. These collars are also scented with lavender and chamomile to provide further comfort for both you and your dog!

EQDRAF 3 Pack Calming Collars for Dogs

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“My dog is generally pretty calm but has a little separation anxiety when left alone, lots of pacing and whining that I can see on my Blink camera,” one five-star reviewer said. “I was nervous about giving him something ingestible so decided on a collar. I got it on a Friday. Kept it on over the weekend so I could make sure it was safe and didn’t cause a reaction. Everything was fine and it even smells really wonderful to me! On Monday we went to work and I watched him on the camera. There was a little pacing and whining when we first left but he soon settled down and literally chilled out all day. This can’t be a coincidence so it would seem it really worked for him!”

Another five-star reviewer wrote, “My dog is an old rescue dog and takes anxiety medication because he is very high strung and it causes problems with my kids and even his bowel movements. Even with medicine, he gets anxious. Since putting on the collar he seems a lot calmer. He usually goes right outside to go to the bathroom and comes right back in but the past several days he will go lay in the grass in the sun and seems so relaxed.”

So if you’ve been searching for the right calming aid for your anxious pup, give these collars a try and you can both breathe a sigh of relief.

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