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The Only Bed My Partner & I Can Sleep in Without Overheating Is $600 off for Labor Day — It’s Worth Every Penny

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I love my boyfriend — he’s an incredibly caring partner who brings so much joy into my life — but I truly think he should be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for his ability to radiate body heat at all times. I mean, it could be the middle of a snowstorm and he’d still be able to warm up a 10-foot radius with ease. So, sleeping in the same bed has been a bit… challenging. Let’s just say one of us typically would get a great night of rest while the other (me) would sweat every ounce of liquid out of her body until dawn.

Now, I’m not saying a good sweat isn’t great for you. But when it’s night time? Forget about it.

So, when I had the opportunity to test out a Casper Mattress as part of my job, I jumped at the chance. I’ve heard of the brand and seen it in commercials repeatedly, and had always wanted to know whether it was worth the hype.

Let me tell you: after the first night of sleeping on its mattress designed for hot sleepers, I can wholeheartedly say anything you get from Casper is worth every penny. The Wave Hybrid Snow mattress I have has completely changed that way I sleep. Not only has it made the experience much less cooler, but also its comfort levels are off the charts.

See, the mattress is designed with “snow technology” which helps keep your body (and my human radiator boyfriend’s body) 6 degrees cooler than it would be on a typical bed. This is all thanks to a number of innovative design features Casper came up with. The mattress and its materials are all specifically crafted to prevent overheating thanks to its cool-to-touch fabric. The bed’s QuickCool cover is made with super breathable fabric that collects heat and moves it from where your body lies, which allows you to feel cooler quicker. What’s more, the mattress has a layer of cooling gel so that chilly sensation that you’re feeling is real. According to the brand, this bed can “continuously pull excess heat away from the body for 12+ hours.” Yeah, it’s that good.

These cooling capabilities, paired with supportive-yet-cloud-like gel pods that align your lower back with the rest of your body during your slumber, make for a truly phenomenal mattress.

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Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress

This queen mattress typically retails for $3,395 but thanks to the brand’s Labor Day sales, you can snag it now for $600 off.  I know that it’s a steep price tag compared to other bed-in-a-box brands, but trust me when I say it’s worth every penny. We all spend about a third of our lives in bed, and sleep is an incredibly crucial thing for our health, so why wouldn’t you invest in a bed like this?

Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress $2,875 Buy now Sign Up

For me personally, this bed has made all of the difference in how I rest. Before, I would usually get around 5 hours of sleep and wake up irritable and moody. But now, I typically get around 8 hours of sleep — and I go to bed the same time — and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Heck, I’m even a morning person now.

If you or your partner sleep hot, you need this cooling mattress. It’ll last for years and years, and get you the rest that you deserve. When it comes to cooling mattresses, nothing can top Casper.

Check out more of Casper’s Labor Day sales below:

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Percale Queen Sheet Set

For up to 50% off, you can shop Casper’s coveted cotton sheet set in 10 different colors.

Percale Queen Sheet Set $69 (Was $139) Buy now Sign Up

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Weighted Blanket

Perhaps the most personalized weighted blanket on the market, this blanket comes in 10lb, 15lb or 20 lb options. It’s made with the same type of materials that athleisure is, so you can bet it’s comfortable, flexible and cozy.

Weighted Blanket $99 (was $169) Buy now Sign Up

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Queen Sateen Sheet Set

If soft sheets are on your wish list, you’ll have to check this sateen set out. It’s the brand’s softest invention, and has nothing but perfect ratings.

Queen Sateen Sheet Set $129 (was $258) Buy now Sign Up

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