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SuperGoop’s SPF Lip Gloss Delivers Daily Protection & ‘Adds the Perfect Shine’ With No White Cast

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Most are only worried about chapped lips or obtaining a plumper pout. However, there’s something else you need to start paying attention to right now. Sunburned lips are not a myth, and they can be extremely painful. Like any other sunburn, your lips will start to burn, peel, swell, become dry, and even blister. The lips’ skin is actually quite sensitive to the sun due to its thin layer of skin and lack of melanin to help protect it against the sun. And they become even more vulnerable when you’re spending time outside. That’s why it’s essential to provide another shield in any way that you can. Supergoop’s Lip Screen is the perfect solution to prevent sunburned lips. It powerfully defends against UV rays, thanks to its SPF 40 protection that leaves no white cast for just $22.

Supergoop Lipscreen

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But this Supergoop formula does more than just protect your pout. It gives you a win-win situation when it comes to the skin on your lips. The Lip Screen gets rid of dull lips, too, as it doubles as a clear gloss. It offers a layer of shine without a sticky finish, making it great to be worn with other lip products.

One reviewer vouched for this, saying, “I love this lip screen it adds the perfect shine to any bare lip or even with a lipstick.”

Another reviewer added that it was the best lip SPF. “This SPF has been a game changer! I have trialed so many lip balm SPFs, and they either bleed into your mouth, leaving a horrible taste and or leave a white cast. This looked and felt like a lip gloss and had no taste or white cast.”

Keep in mind that getting sunburned is possible at any time of the year. So, snag Supergoop’s Lip Screen to have as your daily protector for your lips.

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