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According to Reviewers, This Odor-Eliminating Candle ‘Actually Does What It Says’

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If your home is plagued with a lingering stink that just won’t seem to go away, then you’re probably looking for the ultimate odor eliminator. According to over 7,300 five-star Amazon reviews, the odor-eliminating candles from Dianne’s Custom Candles
“actually does what it says” and kicks smells to the curb with odor-eliminating technology.

Available in 15 scents including vanilla bean, fresh linen, vetiver, and cinnamon apple pie, Dianne’s Custom Candles pack 80 hours of burn time into a single jar and are made with FDA-approved food-grade and soy waxes. The high fragrance load not only overpowers any gross odor from stinky garbage and cooking odors to pet smells and more.

Dianne’s Custom Candles Vanilla Bean Odor-Eliminating Candle

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Image: Dianne’s Custom Candles

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“With five kids who have stinky diapers, pets, cooking, potty training accidents and everything in between let’s just say it can start smelling a little gross up in here lol. I’m so happy I found this candle,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “I’m absolutely in love with it actually! … This truly does eliminate every odor!”

“My house always smells of cigarette smoke. This candle not only eliminated the smell but everyone who came over was surprised by how fresh and good the house smelled,” another five-star reviewer wrote. “This candle did more than mask the smell of cigarette smoke but also freshen the room with a clean, enticingly fragrant scent and long-lasting … It’s more than an odor-eliminating candle because it not only eliminates the odor(s) but leaves a great scent in the house.”

And even if you’re not struggling to rid your house of a funk scent, these candles have such delicious fragrances, Dianne’s Custom Candles will become your new favorites. “Best candle if you want strong floral fragrance,” one person wrote. “Spent a long time looking for lavender candles, the vast majority of them were not strong enough of a lavender scent … This is my go-to now.”

Say goodbye to stink and icky smells. These odor-eliminating candles are your new best friend.

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