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This Tool With Over 28,000 Reviews Is Only $17 Right Now & Has Shoppers Claiming It ‘Cured Their Neck Pain’

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We don’t know when it started, but we can’t do anything without discomfort or pain somewhere. It’s not life-stopping (most of the time), heck, we’ve even learned to live with it. Neck pain, back pain, random aches in our legs — you name it, and we probably experienced it before noon. It can get exhausting, and we look for whatever we can to have a painless day.

Thanks to Amazon, we may have found another tool to add to our collection (and it’s over 50 percent off!)

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Courtesy of LiBa LiBa.

LiBa Back, Neck and Foot Massager $17.59, originally $35.99 on Buy now Sign Up

The LiBa Back, Neck, and Foot Massager
is an ergonomically designed pressure point massager therapy tool that helps with pain relief. Whether it be pain from fibromyalgia or neck pain, thousands of customers swear by this hook cane tool for relieving those spasms or tight trigger points.

Now you may be looking at it and thinking, “how does anyone use this?” Well, don’t worry, it’s super easy. As you can see around the hooked cane tool, there are small balls in different places to use for different parts of your body. Per the brand, you can gently rub it against your back and leg with the single ball and use the two-balled parts for your neck and feet. Make sure to do it gently and watch videos on how to properly use it with your pain.

With nearly 30,000 reviews, this tool has garnered a cult following, with thousands of shoppers swearing by it to relieve their ongoing pain. One shopper said it “cured” their “neck pain” saying, “I suffered from a sore stiff neck for a few years… Then I gave this product a try, and it has changed my life! All the discomfort is gone, and I no longer wake up with a stiff neck. Everyone told me to try the chiropractor, but my problem was stiff muscles… not stiff joints. I don’t even need to use it but maybe once a week now. Very impressed!”

Another shopper said it’s “surprisingly effective,” adding, “While the jury is still out on its effectiveness with respect to my scapula problem, I was very pleased to learn that this “Self Massager’s” other exercises proved to be downright miraculous with relief 0f tightness and pain in my lower back and stiff neck.”


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