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Oprah-Loved Hexclad Cookware Just Launched a New Grilling Essential That Every Steak Lover Needs

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When enjoying an amazing meal, first we eat with our eyes, then our noses, and, finally, our taste buds. Top chefs know that gorgeously plating a meal is imperative to the whole experience. That’s why, for centuries, Italy’s Bistecca Fiorentina, one of the world’s best steaks, has been served in Tuscany on wooden cutting boards. And now, thanks to Hexclad, you can continue this tradition for steaks lovingly prepared on your own grill. Plus, right now,

Hexclad, the cookware brand Oprah loves, has re-introduced the centuries-old Tuscany tradition with its new Bistecca Plates. Featuring a rustic-style aesthetic, these wooden cutting boards not only look great, but the surface protects your high-quality steak knife blades as you cut into a delicious filet mignon or hearty porterhouse. Meanwhile, the plate’s carved trough captures any juices to preserve the perfectly seared steak exterior and keep juices away from your side dishes.

Hexclad 4pc Bistecca Plates

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Courtesy of Hexclad.
Hexclad 4pc Bistecca Plates $99 Buy now Sign Up

Made of sustainable Acacia wood treated with food-grade mineral oil, this set of four steak plates is perfect for beautiful plating your steak dinners, with distinct sections for meat and sides. In addition to the trough to capture and drain meat juices, each Bistecca Plate has a resevoir for dipping sauces. Béarnaise, anyone? Yum!

Of course, you’ll need a decent set of steak knives to accompany the plates and luckily, Hexclad is selling this bundle of eight steak knives and eight plates for $349. The set usually costs $800 so you’re saving over $450!

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Courtesy of Hexclad.
Knife and Plate Bundle $349 Buy now Sign Up

Whether serving family a special meal or having friends over for a celebratory dinner, home grill masters will knock their next steak dinner out of the park by presenting it on these Bistecca Plates. The servingware is impressive, functional, and exactly the kind of essential every steak lover needs.

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