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These ‘Non-Irritating’ Bug Bite Relief Stickers ‘Keep The Itch At Bay’ For Just $10

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Our favorite part about summertime is spending all our time outdoors. But with warm weather comes lots of bugs, particularly mosquitos. And there’s nothing that ruins a fun time like ongoing discomfort. Sometimes, repellant spray can’t always be there to save us from those bothersome bites. That’s why we’ve found your new trick to stop all those insect bites from itching like crazy. Quitch’s Bug Bite Relief Stickers calms and soothes to make any type of insect wound a whole lot manageable. And that means no scarring or swelling afterward, too. They instantly alleviate any pain since it grips each sore, and shield against scratches. But did we mention that they’re only $10 for a 27-count and $12 for a 36-count pack? As a reviewer said, these bug bite patches at Amazon are the ultimate “summertime staple” to add to your cart ASAP.

Quitch Bug Bite Relief Stickers

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Image: Quitch. Courtesy of Quitch.

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Made by moms, this thoughtful design is a mess-free and kid-friendly alternative to other remedies. Quitch’s Bug Bite Relief
includes only these natural ingredients: witch hazel, aloe vera, and hydrocolloid. You’ll forget you’re even wearing them after you stick them on. And better yet, these dermatologist-engineered patches are also beach and pool approved.

“Finally, this is a product that works! It’s easy to apply, and the relief is virtually immediate. The small patch can be left on for a few hours or days. They stay stuck on even through showers and swimming,” the reviewer vouched. “For the first time in my life, I have a product that keeps the itch at bay and protects a bite from being irritated by clothing or contact.”

But here’s how these Quitch stickers
really work. The clear patches apply focal pressure to the bite, absorb the fluid, and protect the area from further irritation.

So, it’s about time to tell the bugs to buzz off, thanks to these Quitch Bug Bite Relief Stickers

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