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Shoppers Say This Cooling & Comfortable Migraine-Relief Tool ‘Changed Their Life’

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In case you didn’t know already, we hate migraines. They’re debilitating and unbelievably painful, putting our entire lives on pause instantly. said that some studies found that around “12 percent of adults in the U.S. population have migraine, and 4 million have chronic migraine.” They also found that women are more likely to have migraines than men. Seriously, how unfair does it get?!

Mayo Clinic defines a migraine as severe pain “that can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation.” When you get chronic migraines, you have a kit filled with go-to products to help in any way to stop the migraine (which probably includes the viral migraine stick!) But getting new products to help relieve the pain, especially one so beloved by thousands of customers, is nearly a godsend. And thanks to nearly 5,000 Amazon shoppers, we may have found another “life-changing” product to tackle our migraines.

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Courtesy of Headache Hat Headache Hat.

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The Headache Hat
is an innovative tool invented by a woman named Sherri Pulie, who also suffered from migraine throughout her life. This easy-to-use tool provides relief by allowing cooling ice therapy to the areas you most likely are getting your migraine. You can wrap it tightly around your temples, neck, forehead, or over your eyes to get precise relief. Both versatile and adjustable, this comfy tool is the wearable ice pack we all silently prayed for something like this.

Per the brand, all you have to do is put the wrap in your fridge or freezer until it’s as cold as you like. You can even put it in its convenient carrying case, so you never lose or damage it.

With nearly 5,000 reviews on Amazon alone, this little hat has gained a massive following of migraine sufferers who can’t stop singing its praises. One Amazon shopper said, “Headache Hat was a game changer for me!” They said, “Backstory: I’ve had migraines for over 22 years. About 5 years ago, they turned chronic. Headache Hat changed my life… It’s a life changer because I can now wear it around while participating in activities with my husband, take my dogs out, or even drive if needed!… I am a Headache Hat fangirl – this thing is AMAZING and has allowed me to do so many things I wasn’t able to in the past!”

Another shopper added, “My husband ordered this for me after pregnancy migraines took over my life and it was seriously life-changing. Having ice (and a touch of pressure) consistently circling my head helped so much. Would order again and again!”

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