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HGTV Star Breegan Jane Shares Her ‘Counterintuitive’ Decor Tip for Families & It Actually Makes Sense

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HGTV star Breegan Jane knows the value of a family-friendly outdoor space — after all, the interior designer and lifestyle expert is also a mom of two boys, ages 6 and 8. Maximizing every available inch for entertaining, relaxing, and just plain living? She’s there, with a decorative throw pillow in hand.

That’s one reason why the home design pro was eager to partner with Marshalls and T.J.Maxx on an outdoor home refresh earlier this summer — showing the rest of us non-pros out there how to zhuzh up an al fresco spot without spending a fortune. See the perfectly functional but slightly ho-hum “before” here:

Breegan Jane "Before" Outdoor Space

And the gorgeous, colorful “after”:

Breegan Jane "After" Outdoor Space

Jane spoke to SheKnows about her top tips for designing an outdoor living space and her controversial decor advice for families (spoiler: we were shocked!). Keep reading…

SheKnows: What are the trends you’re seeing in outdoor decor right now?

Breegan Jane: This season, it’s much more about bringing the inside outdoors and sort of facing everything in with seated arrangements that you would see in a typical living room — with the thought of friends and family gathering.

From a color perspective, it’s bright, it’s bold, it’s very maximalist. It’s prints, it’s happy. But then there’s also layer and texture that I’m seeing, in a way that we didn’t always see outside. Everything was sleek and clean… now I’m seeing depth and fibers and natural materials, and it goes back to that island-y, coastal [vibe] that I really enjoy.

SK: What’s your number one tip for somebody who wants to zhuzh up their outdoor space without spending a fortune?

BJ: Pillows. That’s the easiest way to brighten up your space. It’s like mascara or blush. It just says, ‘hi! We’re fresh and happy.’ I also think it’s great to invest in some lighting if you can. You want [your outdoor space] to go from day to night, and there are so many solar options — those gold lights that you see that I put up in my space, those are all under $20 and really change the mood and the ability [to use] that space. Because once you have lighting outdoors, you’re more inclined to stay out there. The fire pit is a little bit more of an investment but adds warmth and that ability to cozy up at night.

SK: How can someone who doesn’t have outdoor space bring that feeling of casual outdoor entertaining and decor vibe indoors?

BJ: Get as close to a window as you can, and put a table and chairs below it that almost have that outdoor quality. I’m a fan of using outdoor furnishings inside one because of durability. By making it a cute little French bistro set, you almost get the sense that you’re at a cafe, you know? Then adding greenery and planters will just make that little corner seem like, ‘Oh, I’m sitting outside under the sunshine, okay?’

SK: What decor trend are you most excited about these days and what are you totally over?

BJ: I’m most excited about the use of texture and color and this sort of woven, natural fiber, island vibe that we’re getting in outdoor spaces. We’re getting into this fun, Bohemian mix that really just screams high-end vacation; that’s really popular right now. We’re seeing a lot of burnt oranges and these amazing teals, and then we’re seeing all these textures… for outdoor, in particular, we had a moment where everything was very sleek and, just, you know, less of a living space. And now we’re seeing layers and texture — we’re wanting it to be an extension of our living room.

SK: How does being a mom factor into your design ethos?

BJ: Durability and function come first because I have two boys. And so I’ve always designed with function in mind. Like, baskets with lids are plentiful in my house. They hide all the toys or the projects that the kids are working on, but they also add this designer layer and texture. I always go to T.J. Maxx at Marshall’s in-store for those. They’re also great ways to teach kids how to sort things and how to organize.

I did a ton of melamine outdoors this season — one, for color, but also the fact that it’s unbreakable. If I’m adding something fun into my house, I want it to be something that also makes my life easier and more enjoyable and livable, and something as simple as fun, colorful cups that won’t break just means my mind’s more at ease.

SK: You mentioned baskets — any other decor tips that you like or that you use in your own interior design practice for families with kids?

BJ: Honestly, I keep a lot of my walls white because of the ability to just clean any stain. If they paint them, I don’t have to worry about matching paint color. I’ve leaned into a lot of white in my interior, [even in] kids’ spaces and people are always like, ‘What are you doing?!’

It seems counterintuitive, but I know it’s clean when it’s clean, you know? There’s an ability to remove stains from white canvas fabric that’s easier than a cute yellow print, okay?

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