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This Weirdly Satisfying $7 Cleaning Gel Has 23,000 Perfect Ratings & Leaves Cars Spotless

Cleaning a car is far from easy. A never-ending amount of crumbs on the floor, mysterious sticky substances in cup holders and dust particles that get trapped inside air vents all come with the territory of a good car cleaning session. That’s why Amazon shoppers are going absolutely crazy for this PULIDIKI car cleaning gel — which is oddly satisfying to use, and will only cost you $6.99.

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At first glance, you might think the car cleaning gel on Amazon is a jar of blue slime kids could play with. That’s because the cleaning product has the texture and consistency of putty. To use the gel inside your car, simply press the gel into any crack, nook or cranny you’re trying to sanitize — and pull to remove any particles away. The cleaning gel is specifically designed to clean steering wheels, air vents, console panels, storage bins, cup holders, door handles, dashboards and any other tough spot to clean in a car.

The 23,000 five-star reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. One verified purchaser, Hayley Nicole, was skeptical before buying the product — but now she swears it works wonders. “If you have small crevices in your car that collects dust, dirt and sand this is great at getting into those small spots!” she wrote. “I was skeptical that it would get stuck and I’d have little slime spots everywhere but it didn’t!”

Another Amazon purchaser, F. Schmecker, says the car cleaning gel is “surprisingly useful.” Although you can reuse the gel over and over again, he notes that even a small bit works well to remove grime from cars. “I am amazed at how well this gel/goop worked,” Schmecker wrote. “Just a small pinch was enough to do a great job of cleaning up all the small grooves and gaps in the knobs, switches and buttons in the center console of my CR-V.”

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