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With Near-Perfect Reviews, Amazon Shoppers Are Saying This Rechargeable Handheld Fan Is the “Best Money They’ve Ever Spent”

Summer is right around the corner, which means there’s plenty of warm days ahead. As usual, Amazon is providing us with an affordable (and convenient) solution for those hot summer days when you can’t be posted up poolside — or in the event your apartment’s AC unit is acting up again. Enter the JISULIFE rechargeable handheld mini fan, which has earned nearly perfect reviews from happy shoppers who are using it to stay cool.

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JISULIFE Rechargeable Handheld Mini Fan $18.99 on Buy now Sign Up

Priced at just $18.99, the mini fan is actually a fan, flashlight, and power bank all in one — so you can charge your phone with it while you’re on-the-go. With just one charge, the fan works for up to 21 hours at a time. If you think it’s all sounding too good to be true, shoppers who have purchased the 3-in-1 fan are leaving almost perfect reviews on Amazon, touting its benefits. Out of 18,000 plus ratings, the JISULIFE rechargeable handheld mini fan has 4.7 out of 5 stars.

“Best $20 I’ve ever spent,” wrote Amazon reviewer Carrie Lund, who gave the fan a full five stars after purchasing. She vouched that the fan is truly long lasting. “This little thing is the BOMB!” Lund says. “Took it with me on a Disney trip this summer. It’s super cute, the battery lasts forever! I used it for hours in the parks, then plugged my phone in for a full charge, no problem.” Lund also noted how safe the fan is — so the whole family could use it, too. “It’s really cute too, and the fan blades have a safety feature that shuts it off as soon as they touch anything, so it would be safe for kids.”

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