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Shoppers Say This $10 Top-Rated Hair Catcher Tool Is ‘A Simple Solution’ for Unclogged Drains

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When it comes to hair loss, it’s totally normal to shed up to 100 strands a day — but having it all wash down your shower drain is another story. Collectively, those hairs can clump together and either completely clog your drain or make the water go down agonizingly slow. Well, if you can relate to this long-hair problem, we’ve got a solution — and it doesn’t involve toxic chemicals or calling a plumber. It’s no surprise, but Amazon has a product that promises to keep your hair out of the drain: Gotega’s Hair Catcher.

This shower hair tool is the best-selling drain strainer on the site, with more than 35,000 positive reviews. One reviewer said, “I have one in every shower in my house. The Hair Catcher is a simple solution to a costly problem.”

Gotega’s hair catcher costs just $10 for a pack of five colorful covers, and they’re is easy to remove and install. Simply place the tool in the drain, pick up the clumps of hair, and then keep showering. The only hard part is figuring out how many you should keep in supply. 

Gotega Hair Catcher

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Image: Gotega. Courtesy of Gotega.
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This is the upgraded shower drain cover you need to add to your cart, for so many reasons. The game-changing cover prevents clogging particularly caused by hair, but it’s also useful in other ways: It can protect your jewelry or AirPods from falling down the drain too thanks to its smart design. Made of high-quality silicone, this durable tool features fine leakage holes that only allow water through. One Amazon shopper vouched, “These coverings work like a charm! They sit even with the sink and provide enough coverage to not fear losing my items, but also water passes through easily.”

However, the brand does recommend cleaning the hair and other debris often in order to avoid blockage and ensure proper drainage. Also, note that it works best on smooth surfaces and covers drains less than 4.7 by 4.7 inches.

Gotega’s Hair Catcher is on sale now, but the original $13.99 price is, frankly, still a steal. It’s truly the best, low-priced addition for anyone who sheds in the shower. 

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