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Now is the Last Chance to Get Supermodel Miranda Kerr’s Go-to Neck-Sculpting Tool for $10

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Typically, when celebrities reveal their go-to beauty products, it’s somewhere in the realm of makeup or skincare. However, supermodel Miranda Kerr is shaking things up by showing the tool she uses specifically for her gorgeous, strong neck.

Back in Jul. 2020, Kerr showed fans her nighttime skincare routine for Harper’s Bazaar’s YouTube channel. From cleanser to massaging tools, her routine is the pinnacle of both extravagance and affordability. While her entire routine was something out of a dream, our interests were piqued when she brought out a tool specifically for her neck.

She admitted she originally found the tool “hilarious” at first, but her friends made a good point: “Just like we exercise our body, we exercise our necks.” She then showed fans how she uses it, and it’s way easier than you’d expect.

Usually, the Neckline Slimmer and Jaw Exercise tool is a cool $12, but during Amazon’s Black Friday, you can shop it for just over $10. 

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Neckline Portable Neck Slimmer $10.98 (originally $11.99)

The Neckline Slimmer and Jaw Exercise tool is a gentle toning device that is said to “dramatically take years off your appearance.” By that, the brand means that it both firms and sculpts your neck muscles for a more defined look. This simple tool has three levels of varying resistance, perfect for any time of neck strength starting it.

Per the brand, using this is very easy. For up to two minutes a day, you place it under your jaw and on top of where it naturally falls. Then you push down, with the resistance going up over time.

Now the supermodel isn’t the only one that uses (and loves) this little tool. One of the top reviews said, “In the week or so that I’ve been using the Slimmer correctly. I have already started seeing results!!! I am absolutely thrilled and will continue to use it twice a day, every day, until my neck skin has tightened up. The Slimmer is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do!!!!!”

Another review added that it was amazing to heal their ongoing neck pain. They said, “I would have very bad neck pain that caused headaches for years… Bought this for another reason (to tone neck muscle) and found it works the back of the neck also and at first it hurt but VERY quickly, my headaches and neck pain vanished. This was a miracle product for me.”


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