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Shoppers Say This $20 Space-Saving Bag Holder Is ‘Life-Changing’ — Here’s How

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When it comes to our households, we’ve definitely collected our fair share of plastic bags. Stuck between choosing to waste or not waste, most ultimately choose to store them and be a bit more eco-friendly. There has to eventually be a purpose for them right? Well, we’ve all been there, and now we’re officially bag hoarders. And honestly, it makes perfect sense to want to reuse the bag rather than waste it. So we’ve found a storage hack that will make you wish you had found it sooner. So we’ve found a storage hack that will make you wish you had discovered it sooner. Save space with this mounted bag dispenser that’s only $20. With over 27,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, this bag dispenser is a game-changing tool that keeps your home organized.

I was skeptical at first as it seemed silly to me to spend money on something that holds my free grocery bags, but this was seriously a life-changing upgrade,” said a reviewer. 

Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

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Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser $19.99

This easy-to-use dispenser works best with plastic bags and can hold up to 30 at a time. Simply, tuck the bags through the top opening, then pull them out through the wide side slot when needed. The grocery bag dispenser can also be mounted to a wall, under a shelf, or inside a cabinet to save even more space. It fits anywhere, making it especially great for those who live in small spaces. We’re betting that your cabinets never looked as neat and tidy before too.

“I bought this to avoid hanging a tacky grocery bag off a cupboard door to store bags and also save some very limited counter space. [It] works great, [and] almost a year later it is like new,” another reviewer added. 

Don’t let the mess get the best of you in storage spaces. Snag this affordable bag dispenser that will solve your heaps of plastic bags in seconds.

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