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TikTok Made Me Buy This $10 Pet Brush & It’s Actually Heaven-Sent For Cleaning Carpets

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When you have a small box apartment with two other girls and a cat, heaps of hair are just a given. But I realized that my hair was actually causing more of a mess in my room. I’ve always obsessively brushed my hair to the point that I need to immediately clean it up. Maybe I’m just nitpicky, or it’s my slight anxiety when I see hair, but my vacuum wasn’t doing the job I wanted — most likely because it was always clogged with cat litter. Pet owners are always finding new tips to keep their homes clean, even if their pet always makes a mess. So like with every niche find, Tik-Tok introduced me to a pet hair brush that eventually became my go-to carpet cleaner. With two million views, the viral TikTok shows the user efficiently removing all of her dog’s hair. It’s a grossly satisfying but essential tool once you get to scraping. The best part? It only takes $10 and no battery charge to clean your carpet.

Portable Lint Remover


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Image: Amazon. Courtesy of Amazon.

Portable Lint Remover $9.99 on

Now a year later, in a new apartment and with no cat, I still find weekly use with this scraper. The rounded razor edges really do pick up everything, whether it’s crumbs, hair, or something else that I rather not know. An Amazon reviewer said, “I’ve never gotten this much dog hair off anything before. It works.” Another shopper added, “this little magical tool has held up throughout [my] whole area rug!”

I can say that I’ve only tried this scraper on my carpet and it’s never disappointed. However, this carpet cleaning tool can also be supposedly used on furniture and clothes, but be mindful of the material first. Most reviewers preferred it for their carpets and one added, “in less than an hour’s use, all of the carpets in my house is looking fresh and clean. This tool is just so cheap and simple and it makes my house look decent again!”

So if you’re going for a brand new look, this scraper tool easily gets the job done. Better yet, it makes for a great stress-relieving activity especially if you considered yourself a neat freak like me. Your carpet will absolutely see better days with this hair remover tool from Amazon.

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